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Research on Evolutionary Game and Strategy of DPoS Consensus Mechanism Improvement

REN Nan, MA Yuanyuan   

  1. College of Economics and Management, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu 212003, China
  • Online:2022-06-15 Published:2022-06-15



  1. 江苏科技大学 经济管理学院,江苏 镇江 212003

Abstract: Based on the evolutionary game, the supervision mechanism and the reward and punishment system is introduced to delegated proof of stake(DPoS) consensus mechanism, a three-party evolutionary game model with agent nodes, voting nodes and supervisory nodes are built as the main bodies. The behavioral strategy selection of the node changes before and after the improvement of consensus scheme as well as the evolution trend under different reward and punishment intensities and penalty factors are analyzed, and Matlab simulation is performed. The results show that:(1)The improved scheme can restrain the collusion behaviors of malicious nodes and improve the enthusiasm of voting nodes; (2)The intensity of reward and punishment can affect the behavioral strategies of node; (3)Penalty factors can affect the speed of node behavior towards the stable point.

Key words: blockchain, consensus mechanism, delegated proof of stake(DPoS), monitoring mechanism, evolutionary game

摘要: 基于演化博弈将监察机制与奖惩制度引入授权股份证明(delegated proof of stake,DPoS)共识机制,构建以代理节点、投票节点、监管节点为主体的三方演化博弈模型;分析共识方案改进前后节点的行为策略选择变化,在不同奖惩力度和惩罚因子下节点行为策略的演化趋势,并用Matlab仿真。研究结果表明:(1)改进方案能遏制恶意节点的合谋行为并提高投票节点的积极性;(2)奖惩力度能影响节点行为策略;(3)惩罚因子可以影响节点行为趋向稳定点的速度。

关键词: 区块链, 共识机制, 授权股份证明(DPoS), 监察机制, 演化博弈