•    The contents of Computer Engineering and Applications cover all the fields on computer science and technology and applications including: 
         Research Hotspots and Reviews 
         Theory, Research and Development
         Big Data and Cloud Computing
         Network, Communication and Security
         Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence
         Graphics and Image Processing
         Engineering and Applications
         Others concerned

    Submission demands
    1. The manuscript must be original, academic, scientific, accuracy, normative and readable. The manuscript also requires enriched content, integrate structure, clear argument, novelty, outstanding importance and systematic expression.
    2. The authors should completely express the research work, manuscript length is not limited.
    3. Please use the Word edit layout. Our website provides "Template", the authors can refer to it.
    4. The manuscript must be clear and final draft. The graph and illustration text are clear, there should be a sequence diagram, a diagram name and chart note.
    5. The authors should list the related literature inside and abroad which enlightened and supported your own research, to show respect and addition for peer work. References should be novelty search, full text search and indexing in clear (Chinese references should be translated in English versions).
    6. In order to contact the authors timely, when submitting the manuscripts, please provide detailed contact information (including mailing address, zip code, E-mail address and telephone number, etc.). In review period if there is any change of contact, please inform the editorial office. Please specify whether you are CCF members (accompanied by member number), the article in which first author is CCF members can get all costs 85% discount.

    Submission method
    1. Please adopt our website, enter into the "Online Submission" and submit manuscripts online. We only accept submissions via this system, no longer accept printed manuscripts and email forms of manuscripts.
    2. If you need to query the manuscript processing status, please enter into the "Manuscript Tracking " column of our website.

    1. The manuscript was not published in any official publication, and we do not allow one article submitted to several journal and any language translation script.
    2. The manuscript should be legitimacy, which is not plagiarism, copyright infringement and other academic integrity behavior. If you have any behavior described above, the authors are responsible for all problems, and we do not assume any liability, and no longer accept contributions of the first author.
    3. Who have made significant contribution must be listed as co-authors. The corresponding author ensures that all contributing co-authors are included in the author list. The corresponding author will also verify that all co-authors have approved the final version of the article and have agreed to its submission for publication.

    Authors will be asked to complete a Copyright Agreement, and upload it to website ( or send it back to the editorial department by E-mail at latest when the article is accepted for publication. Copyright consists of the exclusive right to reproduce and distribute the article (in any language), including offprints and reprints, translations, photographic reproductions, microform, electronic form (offline,online) or other reproductions of similar nature. The Copyright Agreement shall be signed by all authors and sealed by the first author affiliation. The Copyright Agreement can be downloaded from the “Download” section on


         This Journal is an open access journal supported by article processing charges (APCs). No fees are required during the submitting process of the article. If the article passes the preliminary review of editors, authors need to pay for reviewing fee. The reviewing fee is 120 CNY. Once the article is accepted, the authors need to pay for publication fee. The publication fee is 380 CNY per page. The average publication fee for each article is about 3800 CNY.


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