Computer Engineering and Applications ›› 2017, Vol. 53 ›› Issue (22): 66-70.DOI: 10.3778/j.issn.1002-8331.1605-0343

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Secure network running environment construction scheme for wireless sensor network

LI Jian   

  1. National Institutes for Food and Drug Control, Beijing 100050, China
  • Online:2017-11-15 Published:2017-11-29


李  健   

  1. 中国食品药品检定研究院,北京 100050

Abstract: Wireless sensor network is widely applied to military and civilian fields. But the security problem is always an important bottleneck which needs to be solved in wireless sensor networks, the current security mechanisms are mainly for single attack modes or certain stages of the attacks, and a complete security protection mechanisms for network running environment is not formed. To solve the problems, this paper presents a secure network running environment construction scheme for the wireless sensor networks. This scheme fully considers the computing power and energy of wireless sensor nodes, and it uses the static and dynamic measurement to protect the wireless sensor network combining the active and passive access control. The simulation results show that this scheme can effectively identify the malicious nodes with low energy consumption, while a few nodes under attack can ensure the whole network still runs normally.

Key words: wireless sensor network, static measurement, dynamic measurement, network running environment

摘要: 无线传感器网络被广泛应用到了军事和民用领域,安全问题始终是无线传感器网络需要突破的重要瓶颈,目前安全机制主要针对单一的攻击行为或针对攻击的某个阶段进行防护,没有形成一套完整的计算环境的安全保护机制。针对上述问题,提出了一种无线传感器网络安全运行环境构建方案,充分考虑无线传感器节点的计算能力及能耗,静态度量和动态度量相结合,主、被动相结合保障无线传感器网络组网和运行过程中计算环境的安全。仿真实验表明,该方案可以有效识别恶意节点,能耗较低,能够确保少量节点遭到攻击时全网仍能正常运转。

关键词: 无线传感器网络, 静态度量, 动态度量, 网络运行环境