Computer Engineering and Applications ›› 2006, Vol. 42 ›› Issue (18): 13-17.

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Immune Multicast Routing Algorithm for Multimedia Communication


  • Received:1900-01-01 Revised:1900-01-01 Online:2006-06-21 Published:2006-06-21



Abstract: With the proliferation of multimedia group application, multicasting is becoming increasingly important. In order to solve the multicast routing effectively and efficiently, a novel artificial immune algorithm is proposed in the paper. The algorithm, inspired by the immune system of human, simulates the process of the interaction between antigens, antibodies and lymphocytes. The implement of artificial immune algorithm on multicast routing problem is described in the paper. The object function and part of inequality constrains serve as antigen and solution serves as antibody. The stimulation of antibodies helps the convergence of solution near optimal point. The local optimal solution can be avoided by the interaction between memory cells and antibodies. This algorithm can meet the real-time requirement in large-scale multimedia communication networks. Computer simulations have shown that this algorithm is efficient and effective.

Key words: multimedia communication, multicast routing, immune algorithm, genetic algorithm

摘要: 随着多媒体通信业务的迅速发展,为了高效地解决多媒体通信中的Qos组播路由问题,提出了一个新的组播路由免疫算法。该算法是根据人或者其它高等动物免疫系统的机理而设计的,将目标函数和一部分不等式约束条件作为抗原,将问题的解作为抗体,依据抗原与抗体之间的亲和力以及抗体之间的亲和力对解进行评价和选择,通过抗体之间的相互激励来提高最优点附近的搜索效率,通过记忆细胞对抗体的抑制作用有效地摆脱局部最优点。仿真试验表明,该算法不仅有效可行,而且能够迅速逃出局部最优解,并很快收敛到全局最优解。

关键词: 多媒体通信 组播路由 免疫算法 遗传算法