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Application and Prospect of Python Language in Field of Hydrology and Water Resources

JIANG Qiuxiang, GUO Weipeng, WANG Zilong, OUYANG Xingtao, LONG Ruirui   

  1. School of Water Conservancy and Civil Engineering, Northeast Agricultural University, Harbin 150030, China
  • Online:2023-05-01 Published:2023-05-01



  1. 东北农业大学 水利与土木工程学院,哈尔滨 150030

Abstract: Python programming language has gradually become a promising data analysis tool that can be widely used in various fields. However, in the field of hydrology and water resources, there is little research on using Python language for scientific analysis. Firstly, in this thesis, the common Python libraries used in the field of hydrology and water resources are introduced, based on the main research direction and application scenarios of Python language, in this thesis, the main research contents of it in the field of hydrology and water resources are summarized from four aspects:web crawler, data analysis, in-depth learning and Web development. Then, the common algorithms of deep learning used in the field are also summarized. Finally, from the prospects of automatic prediction, edge computation, virtual and augmented reality, reinforcement learning and transfer learning, it is expected to promote the rapid development of the field of hydrology and water resources with the advanced computer technology realized by Python language.

Key words: Python language, hydrology and water resources, deep learning, Web development, Web crawler, data analysis

摘要: Python编程语言逐渐成为各领域中应用前景广阔的数据分析工具。然而,在水文水资源领域中利用Python语言进行科学分析的研究较少。介绍了常用于水文水资源领域的Python库;基于Python语言的主要研究方向和应用场景,从网络爬虫、数据分析、深度学习和Web开发4个方面综述了Python语言在水文水资源领域的主要研究内容;归纳了深度学习运用在水文水资源领域的常见算法;从自动预测、边缘计算、虚拟现实技术、强化学习和迁移学习等方面进行了展望,期望以Python语言实现的前沿计算机技术为动力,促进水文水资源领域的快速发展。

关键词: Python语言, 水文水资源, 深度学习, Web开发, 网络爬虫, 数据分析