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Certificateless Parallel Key-Isolated Aggregate Signature Scheme in Healthcare Networks

MENG Tong, GUO Rui, WANG Yicheng, LIU Yingfei   

  1. 1.School of Cyberspace Security, Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications, Xi’an 710121, China
    2.National Engineering Laboratory for Wireless Security, Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications, Xi’an 710121, China
  • Online:2024-01-01 Published:2024-01-01



  1. 1.西安邮电大学 网络空间安全学院,西安 710121
    2.西安邮电大学 无线网络安全技术国家工程实验室,西安 710121

Abstract: The application of wireless sensor networks in the medical field brings great convenience to doctors and patients. The authenticity and integrity of medical data becomes a major problem in the medical industry due to the destruction of patient privacy information during the transmission process. To solve this problem, a certificateless aggregate signature scheme is proposed to protect patient privacy information. However, most schemes cannot resist fully chosen-key attacks and face the key exposure problem. Therefore, this paper proposes a certificateless parallel key-isolated aggregate signature scheme that can resist fully chosen-key attacks. The scheme is based on blockchain technology for data sharing and identity tracking, uses the real-time nature of edge computing to deal with high delay problems in wireless sensor networks, and uses parallel key isolation methods to solve the problem of key exposure. Under the elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem, the scheme is proved to be unforgeable under the random oracle model, and the hash-based strong collision-resistant proofs that the scheme can resist fully chosen-key attacks. Efficiency analysis using MIRACL library shows that this scheme is more efficient than other related schemes in each stage, and has lower communication overhead.

Key words: edge computing, certificateless aggregate signature, parallel key isolation, fully chosen-key attack

摘要: 无线传感器网络在医疗领域的应用,为医生和患者带来了极大的便利。由于传输过程中会导致患者隐私信息被破坏,医疗数据的真实性和完整性成为了医疗行业一大难题。为解决此难题,无证书聚合签名方案被提出保护患者隐私信息。然而,大多数方案都无法抵御完全选择密钥攻击,并存在密钥暴露问题。为此,提出了可抵御完全选择密钥攻击的无证书并行密钥隔离聚合签名方案。该方案基于区块链技术进行数据共享和身份追踪,利用边缘计算的实时性处理无线传感器网络中高延迟问题,同时使用并行密钥隔离方法解决密钥暴露问题。在随机谕言机模型下,基于椭圆曲线离散对数问题证明该方案的不可伪造性,基于哈希的强抗碰撞性证明方案可抵御完全选择密钥攻击。使用MIRACL库进行效率分析,表明该方案在各阶段运行效率要优于其他相关方案,同时具有较低的通信开销。

关键词: 边缘计算, 无证书聚合签名, 并行密钥隔离, 完全选择密钥攻击