Computer Engineering and Applications ›› 2010, Vol. 46 ›› Issue (16): 178-181.DOI: 10.3778/j.issn.1002-8331.2010.16.052

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Automatic registration method for different temporal remote sensing images on improved Fourier-Mellin algorithm

LI Rui1,2,3,WANG Juan-le2,GUO Fu-sheng4,DU Jin-hua3   

  1. 1.College of Environment and Planning,Henan University,Kaifeng,Henan 475000,China
    2.State Key Lab of Resources and Environmental Information System,Institute of Geographical Sciences & Natural Resources Research,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100101,China
    3.Unit 75711 of the Chinese PLA,China
    4.National Laboratory of Pattern Recognition,Institute of Automation,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100080,China
  • Received:2010-01-27 Revised:2010-03-26 Online:2010-06-01 Published:2010-06-01
  • Contact: LI Rui


李 锐1,2,3,王卷乐2,郭复胜4,杜锦华3   

  1. 1.河南大学 环境与规划学院,河南 开封 475000
    2.中国科学院 地理科学与资源研究所 资源与环境信息系统国家重点实验室,北京 100101
    4.中国科学院 自动化研究所 模式识别国家重点实验室,北京 100080
  • 通讯作者: 李 锐

Abstract: Multi-temporal remote sensing image registration is the key step of change detection,and because of the remarkable difference and the unknown of sensor parameters,the automatic registration of different temporal remote sensing images is very difficult.Image registration based on Fourier-Mellin Transform(FMT) is a global and phase correlation method,which is based on Fourier and Log-polar transform.This method finds the transformation parameters for registration of the images while working in the frequency-domain and is resilient to noise,occlusions and so on.This paper proposes an improved approach based on Fourier-Mellin algorithm for the registration.Spectrum aliasing and resampling interpolation will bring errors during Fourier-Mellin transform.To get a better registration result,the paper has improved it by adding window function and filtering to reduce spectrum aliasing and increase the robustness.

Key words: Fourier-Mellin Transform(FMT), China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellites(CBERS), registration

摘要: 多时相遥感影像配准是变化检测的关键步骤。由于不同时相的遥感影像差异,且在传感器参数未知情况下,很难完成其自动配准。基于傅里叶-梅林变换(Fourier-Mellin Transform,FMT)影像配准其实就是基于傅里叶变换和对数极变换的全局相位相关。这种方法在进行频域计算时找到了配准的变换参数,并且对噪声和遮挡等很鲁棒。提出了一种基于Fourier-Mellin算法的改进配准方法。Fourier-Mellin变换由于旋转的频谱混叠和旋转变换中插值误差而产生错误。为了得到更好的配准结果,通过加窗和滤波来提高峰值、减少频谱混叠、增加鲁棒性。

关键词: 傅里叶-梅林变换(FMT), 中巴资源卫星(CBERS), 配准

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