Computer Engineering and Applications ›› 2020, Vol. 56 ›› Issue (1): 251-256.DOI: 10.3778/j.issn.1002-8331.1809-0357

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Research on Augmented Reality System of Urban Underground Pipe Network

ZHOU Ling, CHEN Qiang   

  1. School of Electric and Electrical Engineering, Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Shanghai 201620, China
  • Online:2020-01-01 Published:2020-01-02



  1. 上海工程技术大学 电子电气工程学院,上海 201620

Abstract: Aiming at the problem that the pipeline map space management system is not strong, the construction monitoring and collision detection are inflexible, the ground building model data storage and rendering, the urban underground pipe network augmented reality system is designed. Pipeline data are loaded by high-precision positioning service, and the latitude and longitude coordinates of the pipeline are converted into Unity3D data by a seven-parameter coordinate transformation method. The virtual and real fusion of the pipeline model is realized by ARCore. Visual Inertial Odometry(VIO) algorithm is used to implement tracking of mobile devices. The experimental results show that the system can realize the integration of pipeline model and real-life scene, multi-directional real-time viewing, real-time interaction and other functions, enhance the spatial decision support ability of pipeline network management, and reduce the difficulty of massive ground building data processing.

Key words: augmented reality, urban underground pipe network, ARCore, high precision positioning, Unity3D, seven-parameter coordinate transformation

摘要: 针对地下管网管理系统存在的管道图空间沉浸感不强,施工监控和碰撞检测等决策不灵活,地面建筑模型数据存储和渲染的问题,设计了城市地下管网增强现实系统。通过高精度定位服务来加载管道数据,采用七参数坐标转换方法将管道的经纬度坐标转换成Unity3D的数据;利用ARCore实现了管道模型的虚实融合;使用视觉惯性测距(Visual Inertial Odometry,VIO)算法实现对移动设备的跟踪。实验结果表明,该系统可实现管道模型与现实场景相融合,多方位实时查看,实时交互等功能,增强了管网管理的空间决策支持能力,降低了海量地面建筑数据处理的难度。

关键词: 增强现实, 城市地下管网, ARCore, 高精度定位, Unity3D, 七参数坐标转换