Computer Engineering and Applications ›› 2019, Vol. 55 ›› Issue (8): 92-101.DOI: 10.3778/j.issn.1002-8331.1801-0346

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Bibliometric Analysis of Current Studies and Developing Trends on Malicious Code Research

WANG Peng, Nurbol, SU Rui   

  1. College of Information Science and Engineering, Xinjiang University, Urumqi 830046, China
  • Online:2019-04-15 Published:2019-04-15


王  鹏,努尔布力,苏  芮   

  1. 新疆大学 信息科学与工程学院,乌鲁木齐 830046

Abstract: In this paper, the bibliometric analysis method is used to systematically review the research concerns of malicious code detection at home and abroad, as well as the development law of research context, the existing commonalities and differences and research status in this field, by mainly using CiteSpace visualization tool to analyze the CNKI Chinese Journal data and WOS data for nearly 16 years in the field of malicious code detection. Through comparing the research progress of malicious code detection at home and abroad, it can be found that the current research on malicious code detection is at a high growth stage, and the research focuses on mobile client and WEB application security. At the same time, the typical problems existing in current malicious code detection research are also exposed. Finally, the possible directions of development for malicious code detection research are predicted in the conclusion of this article, which can provide a reference for the research of malicious code detection in China.

Key words: malicious code, malicious code detection, malware, visualization analysis, bibliometrics

摘要: 主要应用CiteSpace可视化工具,以近16年在恶意代码检测领域的CNKI中文期刊数据和WOS数据为研究对象,基于文献计量内容分析方法系统地回顾了国内外在恶意代码检测领域的关注点、研究脉络的发展规律、存在的共性与差异性和研究现状。通过对比国内外恶意代码检测的研究进展,可以发现目前恶意代码检测的研究处于增长阶段,并且研究主要关注领域为手机客户端和WEB应用安全等。同时,恶意代码检测研究目前存在的典型问题也暴露出来。展望了恶意代码检测研究可能的发展方向,为国内相关的研究提供参考。

关键词: 恶意代码, 恶意代码检测, 恶意软件, 可视化分析, 文献计量学