Computer Engineering and Applications ›› 2015, Vol. 51 ›› Issue (7): 141-148.

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Analysis of users and users’ Weibo information in Sina Weibo

LIANG Hong, XU Nanshan, LU Gang   

  1. Information Science and Technology College, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Beijing 100029, China
  • Online:2015-04-01 Published:2015-03-31


梁  宏,许南山,卢  罡   

  1. 北京化工大学 信息科学与技术学院,北京 100029

Abstract: Based on the relationship network of Weibo users, the number of fans, User PR values and users’ activities are considered as measurements of users’ influence on Weibo with the distributions of the three factors. Results show that both the distributions of the number of fans and User PR values follow power-law distribution. It is found that there are much more verified users in top User PR ranking list than in fans ranking list and it is suggested that top activity users are much more popular in advertisement campaign after analyzes the top users and their posts in fans ranking, User PR ranking and activity ranking. It is also found that Sina Weibo users prefer to repost and comment on other users’ Weibo. There are a large number of images, videos and links on Sina Weibo, and most of them are reposted from another user.

Key words: Sina Weibo, User PR values, user activity, user influence, power-law distribution

摘要: 基于新浪微博用户之间的关注关系网络,分析了衡量微博用户影响力的三个指标——粉丝数、User PR值以及用户活跃度,发现粉丝数分布和User PR值分布均服从幂律分布,活跃度分布不同于前两种分布。分别对三种排名靠前的用户及其发布的微博进行分析,发现排名靠前的用户中,User PR值的认证用户多于粉丝数;活跃度排名靠前的用户在广告营销活动中受到广泛的青睐;新浪微博用户乐于转发和评论他人的微博,微博中嵌入了大量的图片、视频和链接。

关键词: 新浪微博, User PR值, 用户活跃度, 用户影响力, 幂律分布