Computer Engineering and Applications ›› 2014, Vol. 50 ›› Issue (1): 167-174.

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Algorithms of DEM interpolation based on dense and sparse elevation points

ZHANG Yongliang, ZHU Meizheng, LI Xin, ZHENG Hao   

  1. North China Institute of Computing Technology, Beijing 100083, China
  • Online:2014-01-01 Published:2013-12-30


张永亮,朱美正,李  欣,郑  昊   

  1. 华北计算技术研究所,北京 100083

Abstract: Considering the accuracy, efficiency and smoothness of DEM interpolation, discrete points is divided into two cases which are dense and sparse. According to dense case, the paper puts forward partition algorithm for fast constructing triangular mesh, then inserts point by point DEM interpolation; according to the sparse case, it analyzes the adverse factors of triangular mesh, and puts forward Gauss weight-vector basis method for DEM interpolation.

Key words: dense and sparse, partition algorithm, Gauss weight-vector base, DEM interpolation

摘要: 考虑到DEM插值的准确度、效率与平滑效果,将平面上离散高度点分为稠密和稀疏两种情况。针对稠密的情况,提出了分治算法快速构建三角网,然后逐点插入进行DEM插值;针对稀疏的情况,分析了三角网的不利因素,提出了高斯权值-向量基方法进行DEM插值。

关键词: 稠密和稀疏, 分治算法, 高斯权值-向量基, DEM插值