Computer Engineering and Applications ›› 2006, Vol. 42 ›› Issue (30): 10-.

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Key Technology Research of High-volume Image Database Management System

Xiaobo Fan,   

  1. 中国人民大学信息学院计算机系
  • Received:2006-07-14 Revised:1900-01-01 Online:2006-10-21 Published:2006-10-21
  • Contact: Xiaobo Fan



  1. 中国人民大学信息学院计算机系
  • 通讯作者: 樊小泊 fanxiaobo

Abstract: With the development of remote sensing and aerophotography, we can quickly get all kinds of inexpensive image with high resolution. To efficiently manage these increasing high-volume data, the spatial database management system is the best solution which can provide convenient, quick management and support multiusers accessing safely. Because there are hetero-data image stored in the database, and in the realization of the current image database management system only can provide the policy of processing them separately. However we usually need the centralized meta data during the searching and location of what we want. In this paper the author puts forwards a method of how to derive the whole metadata from the decentralized metadata and then how to use these metadata to help quickly searching and locating the target. At last the author realized the searching function based on the metadata and spatial extent in the system, the results show that this method has high efficiency.

摘要: 随着卫星遥感以及航空摄影技术的发展,人们可以更快、更廉价地获得各种高分辨率的影像。为了对这些不断增加的海量数据进行管理,空间数据库无疑是一种最好的方法,它不但可以提供更快、更方便的数据管理,同时还支持不同用户对数据同时安全访问。由于影像数据库中会存储各种异构的数据源,在目前的影像数据库管理系统中,只提供分散的元数据的管理策略,但是用户在进行搜索和定位的过程中需要一种全局的元数据。本文研究如何利用分散的元数据生成一种查询所需的集中存储的元数据信息,同时提出了如何利用空间元数据来辅助快速搜索和定位所需要的影像资料的策略。最后在系统中实现了基于关键词和空间范围的搜索,实验表明具有较高的效率。