Computer Engineering and Applications ›› 2006, Vol. 42 ›› Issue (16): 6-.

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Simulation Model of Flower Using the Interaction of L-systems with Bezier Surfaces


  1. 华中科技大学计算机学院
  • Received:2006-02-17 Revised:1900-01-01 Online:2006-06-01 Published:2006-06-01



  1. 华中科技大学计算机学院
  • 通讯作者: 秦培煜 williamqinhust

Abstract: This paper presents a simulation model of plant flower. Based on the integration of L-systems and Bezier surfaces, a plant flower image generation algorithm is also given. The proposed technique is illustrated using the apple flower. The realistic image result has the captivating appeal of reproducing the visual beauty of nature. It is suitable for entertainment, education and so on.

Key words: flower, realistic image, L-systems, Bezier surfaces

摘要: 本文提出了一种模拟植物花朵的模型.在用L-系统描述花朵的拓扑结构的基础上,利用Bezier曲面表现花朵的几何结构, 将花朵的拓扑结构和几何结构结合起来,给出了植物花朵的图形生成算法,并生成了苹果花朵具体实例.该算法简单直观,生成的图形形象逼真,真实感较强,再现了自然美,适合于娱乐和教育等应用领域.

关键词: 花朵, 真实感图形, L-系统, Bezier曲面