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Adaptive Blur Removal Method of Operating Environment Video for High-Speed Railway

WANG Fan, ZHAO Hongwei, LIU Junbo, WANG Shengchun, WU Siquan, SU Wenjing, LI Weiyi   

  1. 1.Infrastructure Inspection Research Institute, China Academy of Railway Sciences, Beijing 100081, China
    2.School of Computer and Information Technology, Beijing Jiaotong University, Beijing 100044, China
    3.Beijing IMAP Technology Co. Ltd., Beijing 100081, China
  • Online:2022-11-01 Published:2022-11-01



  1. 1.中国铁道科学研究院集团有限公司 基础设施检测研究所,北京 100081
    2.北京交通大学 计算机与信息技术学院,北京 100044
    3.北京铁科英迈技术有限公司,北京 100081

Abstract: Motion blur is a common image degradation phenomenon in the high-speed railway operating environment video, which results in a great challenge to the video-based safety inspection task of high-speed railway operating environment. Firstly, a new video acquisition system for high-speed railway operating environment is proposed, which integrates HD vehicle camera, signal synchronization unit, RFID tag reader, GNSS unit and inertial measurement unit to collect the high-resolution video. Then, an adaptive blur removal method for high-speed railway operating environment is proposed. The inertial measurement unit is used to calculate the motion trajectory of the camera in each frame of image exposure time, and a new deconvolution algorithm is designed to deal with the space-variant blur image, so as to obtain the restored image. Finally, the test is carried out on the actual high-speed railway line by using the detection train. The results show that the proposed method can adaptively remove the blur of the vehicle-mounted high-speed railway operating environmental video, and realize the purpose of collecting high-quality video of the operating environment.

Key words: high-speed railway operating environment, video acquisition system, adaptive blur removal, inertial measurement unit

摘要: 运动模糊是车载高速铁路运行环境视频中普遍存在的图像退化现象,对基于视频的高速铁路运行环境安全检查工作造成很大挑战。提出一种新的车载高速铁路运行环境视频采集系统,集成高清车载摄像机、信号同步单元、RFID标签阅读器、GNSS单元和惯性测量单元,能够采集高分辨率的运行环境视频数据。提出一种高速铁路运行环境视频自适应去模糊方法,利用惯性测量单元计算每帧图像曝光时间内摄像机的运动轨迹,并设计新的去卷积算法处理空间变化的模糊图像,从而得到复原图像。利用检测列车在实际高速铁路线路进行试验验证,结果表明:该方法能够自适应地去除车载高速铁路运行环境视频图像的模糊,实现了采集高质量运行环境视频数据的目的。

关键词: 高速铁路运行环境, 视频采集系统, 自适应去模糊, 惯性测量单元