Computer Engineering and Applications ›› 2021, Vol. 57 ›› Issue (14): 60-74.DOI: 10.3778/j.issn.1002-8331.2102-0206

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Survey of Research on Computation Offloading Technology in Mobile Edge Computing Environment

HU Heng, JIN Fenglin, LANG Siqi   

  1. College of Command & Control Engineering, Army Engineering University of PLA, Nanjing 210007, China
  • Online:2021-07-15 Published:2021-07-14



  1. 陆军工程大学 指挥控制工程学院,南京 210007


Computation offloading technology, as a key technology of Mobile Edge Computing(MEC), can effectively solve the problems of weak computing power, time extension, and high energy consumption of terminal devices through reasonable offloading decisions. Firstly, the concept, reference architecture, deployment schemes and typical application scenarios of MEC are introduced. Then, the current research state of computation offloading technology are elaborated in detail from the goal of offloading decision, the coarse-grained offloading methods, fine-grained offloading methods and the offloading methods under the cooperation of MEC and Device-to-Device(D2D) technology, it analyzes and summarizes the existing research results on these areas. Fianlly, the future research direction of these areas is considered, and some problems and challenges faced are given on these areas.

Key words: mobile edge computing, mobile cloud computing, computation offloading technology, offloading decision-making, D2D technology


计算卸载技术作为移动边缘计算(Mobile Edge Computing,MEC)的关键技术,通过合理的卸载决策能有效解决终端设备计算能力弱、时延长和能耗高等问题。介绍了MEC的概念、参考架构、部署方案和典型应用场景;分别从卸载决策的目标、粗粒度、细粒度的卸载方式及MEC与端对端(Device-to-Device,D2D)技术协作下的卸载方式详细阐述了计算卸载技术研究现状,分析和总结了该领域已有研究成果;对该领域的未来研究方向进行了思考,并给出了该领域面临的一些问题和挑战。

关键词: 移动边缘计算, 移动云计算, 计算卸载技术, 卸载决策, D2D技术