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Research on adding assistant cluster head clustering algorithm in sensor networks

GU Lijuan,LI Ping,XIA Yongcheng   

  1. Computer & Communication Engineering Institute,Changsha University of Science & Technology,Changsha 410114,China
  • Received:2009-05-13 Revised:2009-07-20 Online:2011-01-21 Published:2011-01-21
  • Contact: GU Lijuan


顾丽娟,李 平,夏永成   

  1. 长沙理工大学 计算机与通信工程学院,长沙 410114
  • 通讯作者: 顾丽娟

Abstract: Based on the clustering algorithm in the Wireless Sensor Network(WSN),cluster heads consume more energy than the members.In order to share the burden of the cluster head,the assistant cluster heads are generated by the corresponding node of the cluster members to be considered,and it has great help for decreasing the cluster heads’ energy consume.A new Assistant Cluster Head(ASCH) algorithm is proposed.Whether to generate the ASCH is dynamically decided by the own condition of the cluster head,then choosing the appropriate member node to be ASCH.The simulation results show that compared with the LEACH(Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy) algorithm,the proposed algorithm has more balanced energy consumption,decreases the energy consumption effectively,and prolongs the WSN’s lifecycle.

Key words: Wireless Sensor Network(WSN), clustering algorithm, Assistant Cluster Head(ASCH)

摘要: 在基于分簇算法的无线传感器网络中,簇头的能量消耗远高于簇内成员。考虑在相应簇内的成员节点中产生助理簇头,由其分担簇头的负担,对降低簇头能量消耗具有极大帮助。提出了一种助理簇头算法(ASCH),算法根据簇头的自身条件动态地确定簇内是否需要产生助理簇头,同时选择合适的成员节点成为助理簇头。实验结果表明,提出的算法与LEACH算法相比,能耗更加均衡,有效地降低了网络能耗,延长了网络生命周期。

关键词: 无线传感器网络, 分簇算法, 助理簇头

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