Computer Engineering and Applications ›› 2010, Vol. 46 ›› Issue (16): 78-80.DOI: 10.3778/j.issn.1002-8331.2010.16.022

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Linear approximate analysis approach of fixed priority scheduling

MO Tie-qiang,PENG Hao   

  1. Department of Computer Science,Hunan International Economics University,Changsha 410205,China
  • Received:2009-08-19 Revised:2009-12-21 Online:2010-06-01 Published:2010-06-01
  • Contact: MO Tie-qiang


莫铁强,彭 浩


  1. 湖南涉外经济学院 计算机科学与技术系,长沙 410205
  • 通讯作者: 莫铁强

Abstract: By the approaches of being linearly close to the workload of tasks in hard real-time system the closer response time upper bound can be used to decrease the running time.At the same time it is linear in time of complexity for the upper bound in the sufficient schedulable tests of task sets.In interactive system design tools,system optimization via search,and admission of new tasks into dynamic systems,this new linear upper bound can considerably improve efficiency of test.Further,it is wide in application for the scheduling model without the limit of deadline and jitter.The pertinent experiments show that the method of utilizing the approximate upper time has improved the efficiency of exact test of the schedulability.

摘要: 通过线性逼近硬实时系统任务的工作负荷量的方法,一个更加接近精确响应时间的时间上限能有效地降低调度分析时间。同时该上限用于任务集的充分性可调度测试时具有线性时间的复杂度。这种线性上限的可调度性测试能够用于交互的系统工具设计、基于搜索的系统优化以及任务集的动态接纳新任务的设计中。并且新的调度系统模型无时间死线、抖动大小限制,适用范围更广。相关的实验也表明响应时间上限可调度性分析提高了准确调度测试的效率。

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