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Improvement of Preimage Attack on 4-Round Keccak-256 by Solving Algebraic Systems

PEI Junling, CHEN Lusheng   

  1. School of Mathematical Sciences, Nankai University, Tianjin 300071, China
  • Online:2022-03-01 Published:2022-03-01



  1. 南开大学 数学科学学院,天津 300071

Abstract: Keccak Hash function is the third generation secure Hash function with provable security and excellent implementation performance. In this paper, 4-round Keccak-256 preimage attack by solving algebraic system is discussed, which improves the existing 4-round Keccak-256 preimage attack and effectively reduces the theoretical complexity. At present, the theoretical complexity of 4-round Keccak-256 preimage attack is at least 2239. This paper makes full use of the relationships among the factors of the quadratic bits, and linearizes more quadratic bits with the same degree of freedom, reducing the theoretical complexity to 2216.

Key words: cryptanalysis, Keccak Hash function, preimage attack, algebraic system

摘要: Keccak哈希函数是第三代安全哈希函数,具有可证明的安全性与良好的实现性能。讨论基于代数系统求解的4轮Keccak-256原像攻击,对已有的4轮原像攻击方法进行了完善,有效降低了理论复杂度。目前,4轮Keccak-256原像攻击的理论复杂度最低为2239,通过充分利用二次比特的因式之间的关系,在自由度相同的情况下,线性化更多的二次比特,将理论复杂度降低至2216。

关键词: 密码分析, Keccak哈希函数, 原像攻击, 代数系统