Computer Engineering and Applications ›› 2021, Vol. 57 ›› Issue (18): 97-102.DOI: 10.3778/j.issn.1002-8331.2008-0399

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Design and Verification of Quantum Controlled-Not Gate NMR Pulse Sequence

PENG Yonggang   

  1. 1.Department of Applied Physics, College of Science, Nanjing  University of  Posts and Telecommunications, Nanjing 210003, China
    2.New Energy Technology Engineering Laboratory of Jiangsu Province, Nanjing 210003, China
  • Online:2021-09-15 Published:2021-09-13



  1. 1.南京邮电大学 理学院 应用物理系,南京 210003
    2.江苏省新能源技术工程实验室,南京 210003


The single-body time-dependent Schr?dinger equation is solved under the condition of nuclear magnetic resonance, and the rotation operators of nuclear spin around[x]-axis and[y]-axis are given. According to the definition of quantum controlled-not gate, the nuclear magnetic resonance pulse sequence is designed to realize the quantum controlled-not gate. Using the condition that the interaction time between two nuclear spins is much shorter than the duration of radio frequency pulse, the two-body time-dependent Schrödinger equation in nuclear magnetic resonance is approximately solved in the rotating reference frame and parameter values of quantum controlled-not gate pulse sequence are given. According to the Suzuki symmetric product formula, the time-dependent Schrödinger equation is numerically calculated. The numerical results confirm the correctness of the design and parameter values of quantum controlled-not gate pulse sequence.

Key words: quantum controlled-not gate, NMR pulse sequence, approximate solution of time-dependent Schr?dinger equation, numerical calculation



关键词: 量子控制非门, 核磁共振脉冲序列, 含时薛定谔方程近似求解, 数值计算