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Design and Practice of Multi-aircraft Cooperative Flight of Flapping-Wing Aerial Vehicle

ZHANG Zekun, HAN Jianfu, SONG Guanghua, YANG Bowei   

  1. School of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou 310027, China
  • Online:2022-01-15 Published:2022-01-18



  1. 浙江大学 航空航天学院,杭州 310027

Abstract: Flapping-wing aerial vehicle is a new type aircraft which imitates the animal flight. It has the characteristics of bionics and low flying sound, and has a wide range of military and civilian prospects. Because the dynamic model of flapping-wing aircraft is complicated and can be easily affected by wind and other environment factors, there is no mature and stable control algorithm at present to control the flapping-wing aerial vehicle, and it is still mainly manual controlled, but manual control of flapping-wing aerial vehicle is constrained by the drone pilot’s proficiency, and it is hard to promote it on a large scale. By customizing the PX4 firmware and the QGC ground station for the flapping-wing aircraft to meet some scenarios’ requirements, autonomous flight and cooperative flight of flapping-wing aerial vehicle are successfully implemented. Besides, this project is introduced to the teaching of the“Embedded Computing Technology”course, which motivates the learning enthusiasm of the students and improves their innovative abilities.

Key words: flapping-wing aerial vehicle, flight control, ground control station, multi-aircraft control

摘要: 扑翼飞行器(flapping-wing aerial vehicle,FAV)是一种模仿动物飞行方式的新型飞行器,其具有仿生性且飞行声音小等特点,具有广泛的军事和民用前景。由于扑翼飞行器动力学模型复杂且容易受到风等环境因素的影响,目前尚无成熟稳定的控制算法可以用来控制扑翼飞行器。目前对扑翼飞行器的控制大多仍以手动控制为主,然而手动控制扑翼飞行器的方式会受到飞手操作水平的限制,难以大范围推广。通过对PX4固件和QGC地面站进行定制化改造以满足在一定应用背景下扑翼飞行器的有效控制,实现了扑翼飞行器的自动控制和协同飞行。同时还将扑翼飞行器多机协同飞行设计与实践引入到了“嵌入式计算技术”课程教学中,激发了学生的学习热情,提高了学生的创新实践能力。

关键词: 扑翼飞行器, 飞行控制, 地面站, 多机控制