Computer Engineering and Applications ›› 2019, Vol. 55 ›› Issue (4): 72-78.DOI: 10.3778/j.issn.1002-8331.1807-0263

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Verification Analysis for Delay Time Petri Nets

FENG Fujian   

  1. Jiangsu Second Normal University, Nanjing 210013, China
  • Online:2019-02-15 Published:2019-02-19



  1. 江苏第二师范学院,南京 210013

Abstract: Delay Time Petri Nets(DTPN) are an important kind of time-extended Petri nets. They overcome the difficulties of other time-extended Petri nets (such as Time Petri Nets) in the preservation of timing constraints. Schedulability verification is to testify the rationality of timing constraints of workflow model and to do simulation to verify the time accessibility for process instances. A novel verification analysis approach is presented for timing constraint workflows based on DTPN. Firstly, the definition of DTPN is given, and the time conditions of transition firable are described in combination with workflow structure. Then, the concept of DTPN firing point and the verification analysis algorithm based on this are proposed. Finally, the characteristics of DTPN are briefly analyzed. The research of DTPN enriches and improves the existing time-related Petri nets, which is of positive significance.

Key words: real-time systems, Delay Time Petri Nets(DTPN), verification analysis

摘要: 延迟时间Petri网(Delay Time Petri Nets,DTPN)是一类重要的时间扩展Petri网系统,解决了其他时间扩展Petri网(如时间Petri网)在保存时间约束时所面临的困难。可调度验证的目的是验证工作流模型时间约束的合理性,对流程实例的时间可达性进行仿真。提出一种基于DTPN的时间约束工作流验证分析方法。给出了DTPN的相关定义,并结合工作流控制结构描述了变迁可触发的时间条件;提出了DTPN触发点的概念以及基于此的验证分析算法;简要分析了DTPN的特性。DTPN的研究丰富完善了现有时间Petri网体系,具有积极的意义。

关键词: 实时系统, 延迟时间Petri网(DTPN), 验证分析