Computer Engineering and Applications ›› 2018, Vol. 54 ›› Issue (18): 229-234.DOI: 10.3778/j.issn.1002-8331.1803-0463

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Model and algorithm for 4PL many-to-many network design with multiple transportation modes

LI Rui, SUN Fuming   

  1. School of Electronics and Information Engineering, Liaoning University of Technology, Jinzhou, Liaoning 121001, China
  • Online:2018-09-15 Published:2018-10-16


李  锐,孙福明   

  1. 辽宁工业大学 电子与信息工程学院,辽宁 锦州 121001

Abstract: For the situation that the fourth party logistics(4PL) takes the logistics distribution tasks of multiple pairs of supply-demand nodes, considering multiple transportation modes provided by the third party logistics(3PL) providers in reality, the problem of 4PL many-to-many network design with multiple transportation modes are studied. An optimization model of the problem is formulated, which determines the transportation mode while selecting the 3PL providers and minimizes the total logistics costs subjective to the constraint of distribution time. According to the characteristic of the model of the problem, a Shuffled Frog Leaping Algorithm(SFLA) is developed to solve it. Finally, several simulation experiments are executed to verify the reasonability of the model and test the effectiveness of SFLA. The results of the experiments indicate that the proposed model can describe the problem reasonably and SFLA can solve the problem effectively.

Key words: fourth party logistics, many-to-many network design, multiple transportation modes, shuffled frog leaping algorithm

摘要: 针对第四方物流(4PL)承担多个供需点对之间物流配送任务的情况,考虑实际中第三方物流(3PL)运输供应商具有多种运输方式,研究多种运输方式的4PL多到多网络设计问题。建立问题的优化模型,在选择3PL运输供应商的同时确定运输方式,并在满足配送时间约束下最小化总的物流成本。根据问题模型,设计混合蛙跳算法(SFLA)对问题进行求解。最后,通过仿真实验来验证模型的合理性,并测试SFLA的性能。实验结果表明模型能够合理描述问题,并且SFLA能够对问题进行有效求解。

关键词: 第四方物流, 多到多网络设计, 多运输方式, 混合蛙跳算