Computer Engineering and Applications ›› 2018, Vol. 54 ›› Issue (5): 36-50.DOI: 10.3778/j.issn.1002-8331.1712-0116

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Research of trajectory planning for articulated industrial robot: A review

LI Li, SHANG Junyun, FENG Yanli, HUAI Yawen   

  1. 16th Institute of China Aerospace Academy No.9,Xi’an 710100, China
  • Online:2018-03-01 Published:2018-03-13


李  黎,尚俊云,冯艳丽,淮亚文   

  1. 航天科技集团九院 16所,西安 710100

Abstract: Articulated industrial robots are widely used in modern industrial automatic production with their good flexibility and high efficiency, such as handling, palletizing, welding, cutting and so on. Trajectory planning is the basic research field of motion control on industrial robot, which determines the operating efficiency and movement performance. Trajectory planning of industrial robots combining operational requirements and robotic performance, guides the trajectory of end effector for robots in Cartesian or joint space. The concept and classification of trajectory planning of industrial robots are expounded in this paper. Various kinds of algorithms for trajectory planning are summarized comprehensively, including basic trajectory planning and optimal trajectory planning. The problems existing in various algorithms for trajectory planning and some future development trends are pointed out.

Key words: industrial robot, articulated, trajectory planning, optimal trajectory

摘要: 关节型工业机器人凭借其良好的灵活性和高效率的工作模式被广泛地应用于现代工业自动化生产之中,例如搬运、码垛、焊接、切割等。轨迹规划是工业机器人运动控制的基础研究领域,决定着其作业效率和运动性能。工业机器人的轨迹规划是指综合考虑作业需求和机器人性能,在笛卡尔空间或关节空间内得出指导机器人末端执行器运动的轨迹。阐述了工业机器人轨迹规划的概念及其分类,就各个领域的轨迹规划算法进行了全面综述,包括基本轨迹规划和最优轨迹规划,指出了各类轨迹规划算法中所存在的问题和未来的发展方向。

关键词: 工业机器人, 关节型, 轨迹规划, 最优轨迹