Computer Engineering and Applications ›› 2018, Vol. 54 ›› Issue (18): 208-211.DOI: 10.3778/j.issn.1002-8331.1706-0020

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Fast search algorithm for HEVC based on heterogeneous diamond template

TANG Haoyang, CHENG Yingtao, GUO Na, SUN Ziwei, WANG Jing   

  1. School of Automation, Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications, Xi’an 710121, China
  • Online:2018-09-15 Published:2018-10-16


唐浩漾,程颖涛,郭  娜,孙梓巍,王  婧   

  1. 西安邮电大学 自动化学院,西安 710121

Abstract: A fast search algorithm based on heterogeneous diamond pattern is proposed for the high complexity inter prediction process of High Efficiency Video Coding(HEVC). Based on the distribution of the motion vector, a heterogeneous diamond is used to perform a rough search, and then vertical or horizontal hexagonal patterns are used to perform fine search for dynamically adapting to the image feature, thus it reduces the coding block average number of searches. The experimental results show that compared with HM14.0, the algorithm proposed in this paper can speed up the search process and shorten the time of motion estimation while maintaining the coding performance. The proposed algorithm can reduce the total coding time by about 26% and improve the overall efficiency of coding.

Key words: High Efficiency Video Coding(HEVC), heterogeneous diamond pattern, TZSearch algorithm

摘要: 针对高效视频编码(HEVC)中帧间预测复杂过高的问题,提出一种异构钻石模板的TZSearch快速搜索算法。该算法结合运动矢量的分布特性,首先使用异构钻石模板进行粗略搜索,并在后续的精细搜索中根据图像特性加入垂直和水平六边形模板,使其能够动态适应图像自身特征,从而减少了编码块的平均搜索次数。实验结果表明,与HM14.0相比,提出的算法能在保持编码性能的同时加快搜索速度,缩短运动估计模块的耗时,将总编码时间减少约26%,提高了编码的整体效率。

关键词: 高效视频编码, 异构钻石模板, TZSearch算法