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Improved Leukocyte Detection Algorithm of YOLOv5

WANG Jing, SUN Ziyun, GUO Ping, ZHANG Longmei   

  1. College of Communication and Information Engineering, Xi’an University of Science and Technology, Xi’an 710054, China
  • Online:2022-02-15 Published:2022-02-21



  1. 西安科技大学 通信与信息工程学院,西安 710054

Abstract: Aiming at the problems of low accuracy and poor effect caused by small white blood cell data samples, small difference between classes and small target size, this paper proposes a white blood cell detection algorithm YOLOv5-CHE based on improved YOLOv5. Firstly, coordinate attention mechanism is added to the convolutional layer of the backbone feature extraction network to improve the feature extraction capability of the algorithm. Secondly, the purpose of using four-scale feature detection and reacquiring anchor point frame is to increase the detection scale of shallow layer and improve the recognition accuracy of small targets. Finally, the purpose of changing the bounding box regression loss function is to improve the accuracy of check box detection. Experimental results show that the mean average precision(mAP), precision and recall of YOLOv5-CHE are improved by 3.8 percentage points, 1.8 percentage points and 1.5 percentage points in comparison with the benchmark YOLOv5 algorithm, respectively, which shows that the proposed algorithm is effective for leukocyte detection.

Key words: leukocyte detection, YOLOv5 algorithm, coordinate attention mechanism, four-scale feature detection, loss function

摘要: 针对白细胞数据样本少、类间差别小及目标尺寸小导致的检测精度低、效果不佳等问题,提出一种基于改进YOLOv5的白细胞检测算法YOLOv5-CHE。在主干特征提取网络的卷积层中添加坐标注意力机制,以提升算法的特征提取能力;使用四尺度特征检测,重新获取锚点框,增加浅层检测尺度,来提高小目标的识别精度;改变边框回归损失函数,以提升检验框检测的准确率。实验结果表明,对比标准的YOLOv5算法,YOLOv5-CHE算法的平均精度均值(mean average precision,mAP)、精准率和召回率分别提升了3.8个百分点、1.8个百分点和1.5个百分点,验证了该算法对白细胞检测具有很好的效果。

关键词: 白细胞检测, YOLOv5算法, 坐标注意力机制, 四尺度特征检测, 损失函数