Computer Engineering and Applications ›› 2019, Vol. 55 ›› Issue (17): 28-34.DOI: 10.3778/j.issn.1002-8331.1811-0398

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Research on Logistics Service Transaction Blockchain and Ant Colony Smart Contract Algorithm

LI Songzhao, LI Wenjing, LU Jianbo   

  1. 1.School of Computer and Information Engineering, Nanning Normal University, Nanning 530001, China
    2.School of Logistics Management and Engineering, Nanning Normal University, Nanning 530001, China
  • Online:2019-09-01 Published:2019-08-30



  1. 1.南宁师范大学 计算机与信息工程学院,南宁 530001
    2.南宁师范大学 物流管理与工程学院,南宁 530001

Abstract: To solve the lack of credit relationship among suppliers, producers, users and other multi-participants in logistics service transactions, improve the efficiency of contract formulation, avoid interfering with the normal execution of contracts and the repudiation, tampering and non-traceability of traditional contract. Logistics service transaction blockchain and ant colony smart contract algorithm is proposed. Firstly, it analyzes the problems existing in the traditional logistics service transaction model, proposes a new conceptual model of logistics service transaction contract, and utilizes the characteristics and advantages of blockchain and smart contract technology, as well as the information release, negotiation, bargaining, contracting in the logistics service transaction, and other trading links and blockchain links, and it also constructs a decentralized smart contract blockchain model for logistics service transaction. Then, based on the model, and according to the workflow of logistics service transaction contract, logistics service transaction blockchain and ant colony smart contract algorithm is designed. Finally, experiments are carried out on the multi-node logistics service transaction simulation platform. The experimental results show that the algorithm realizes the creation, storage and automatic execution of multi-logistics user service transaction smart contracts based on blockchain. The whole process is transparent, traceable, consensus and tamper-resistant. Therefore, The algorithm is an effective method to solve the problem of logistics service transaction based on blockchain.

Key words: blockchain, logistics service transaction, ant colony smart contract, ant colony algorithm, decentralized

摘要: 为解决物流服务交易中供应商、生产商、用户等多方参与者之间的信用关系缺失,提高制定合约的效率,避免干扰合约的正常执行以及传统合约的可抵赖性、可篡改性以及不可追溯性等问题,提出了物流服务交易区块链与蚁群智能合约算法。分析传统的物流服务交易模式存在的问题,提出一种新的物流服务交易合约概念模型,并利用区块链和智能合约的特点和优势,以及物流服务交易中的信息发布、谈判、议价、制定合约等交易环节和区块链的链接关系,构建一种去中心化的物流服务交易智能合约区块链模型。以该模型为基础,依据物流服务交易合约的工作流程以及蚁群算法的特点,设计了物流服务交易区块链与蚁群智能合约算法。在多节点物流服务交易仿真平台进行实验,实验结果表明,该算法实现了基于区块链的多物流用户服务交易智能合约的创建、存储和自动执行,整个过程透明可跟踪、共识且不可篡改。因此,该算法是基于区块链解决物流服务交易问题的一种有效方法。

关键词: 区块链, 物流服务交易, 蚁群智能合约, 蚁群算法, 去中心化