Computer Engineering and Applications ›› 2016, Vol. 52 ›› Issue (22): 248-252.

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Development of custom design and offer system for bridge crane

HOU Congya1,2, WANG Zongyan1,2, GUO Xiaolei1,2, FAN Heng1,2, TENG Feihu1   

  1. 1.Engineering Technical Research Centre of CAD/CAM, North University of China, Taiyuan 030051, China
    2.Shanxi Province of Crane Digital Design Engineering Technology Research Center, Taiyuan 030051, China
  • Online:2016-11-15 Published:2016-12-02


候聪亚1,2,王宗彦1,2,郭小雷1,2,樊  恒1,2,滕绯虎1   

  1. 1.中北大学 CAD/CAM工程技术研究中心,太原 030051
    2.山西省起重机数字化设计工程技术研究中心,太原 030051

Abstract: Through the analysis and the study of the crane structure and enterprise requirement, so is combination of rapid intelligent design and intelligent quotation. Using VB6.0 as programming tool, Access as database, utilize the key techniques of modular and parametric technology, secondary development technology and optimization design of box girder based on chaotic genetic algorithm, the rapid custom design and offer system for the bridge crane is developed. The system can be used for calculation, optimization and rapid offer according to the custom parameters, providing technological basis for rapid respond to user’s needs, shorten the product design cycle and reduce design cost, therefore it is of great significance to the development of bridge crane.

Key words: bridge crane, custom design, rapid offer, chaotic genetic algorithm, optimization design of box girder

摘要: 通过长期对桥式起重机结构和企业需求的分析研究,将快速智能设计与智能报价两者相结合。以VB6.0为编程工具,Access为数据支撑,运用模块化与参数化技术,二次开发技术以及基于混沌遗传算法的主梁优化设计等关键技术。开发了桥式起重机智能快速定制与报价系统。该系统可根据用户定制参数进行设计计算、优化设计以及快速报价,为企业快速响应用户需求、缩短产品设计周期、降低企业设计成本奠定了技术基础,其对桥式起重机的长期发展具有深远影响。

关键词: 桥式起重机, 智能定制, 快速报价, 混沌遗传算法, 主梁优化