Computer Engineering and Applications ›› 2011, Vol. 47 ›› Issue (36): 183-186.

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To achieve crayon painting style of two-dimensional color images

GAO Hui,TANG Di   

  1. College of Computer and Information Technology,Liaoning Normal University,Dalian,Liaoning 116081,China
  • Received:1900-01-01 Revised:1900-01-01 Online:2011-12-21 Published:2011-12-21


高 辉,唐 棣   

  1. 辽宁师范大学 计算机与信息技术学院,辽宁 大连 116081

Abstract: A new automatic algorithm,based on 2D image,for rendering crayon style paintings is proposed in the paper.By analyzing the structure characteristics and artistic features of real crayon drawing texture,and abstracting a simple model of crayon drawing,an exploratory noise texture method is proposed,crayon style rendering for color and contour of the image is realized respectively,and the FLIC algorithm is used to generate the trend texture of stroke in the YIQ color space,so that the final result is very similar to hand-painted effect,and achieves the purpose of crayon drawing style rendering with computer aided design.

Key words: non-photorealistic rendering, pastels, line integral convolution, noise texture

摘要: 提出了一种基于2D图像的蜡笔画风格自动生成算法,通过分析真实蜡笔画纹理的结构特征和艺术特点,抽象出蜡笔画的简单模型,探索地利用了噪声纹理方法,结合图像自身轮廓信息,分别完成了图像色彩区域和轮廓区域的蜡笔画风格渲染,并在YIQ颜色空间运用FLIC算法生成了笔触的走势纹理,使最终产生的结果非常相似于手绘效果,从而实现了计算机辅助生成蜡笔画风格的目的。

关键词: 非真实感渲染, 蜡笔画, 线积分卷积, 噪声纹理