Computer Engineering and Applications ›› 2011, Vol. 47 ›› Issue (10): 183-185.

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Research on algorithm of image scrambling degree based on geometric measurement

CHEN Jiayong1,ZHAO Huaixun1,WANG Jingjing2   

  1. 1.Information & Network Lab of Communication Engineering Department,Engineering College of APF,Xi’an 710086,China
    2.Key Lab of Network & Information Security of Armed Police Force,Engineering College of APF,Xi’an 710086,China
  • Received:1900-01-01 Revised:1900-01-01 Online:2011-04-01 Published:2011-04-01



  1. 1.武警工程学院 通信工程系 信息网络实验室,西安 710086
    2.武警工程学院 电子技术系 网络与信息安全武警部队重点实验室,西安 710086

Abstract: This paper analyzes several kinds of existing measurement algorithms for the image scrambling degree.Then it proposes an image scrambling degree algorithm based on geometric measurement according to two considerations:distance excursion and direction excursion between the adjacent pixels of the image before scrambling and after scrambling.Finally,through comparison and analysis,it can prove that the algorithm has better properties,such as practicability,validity and advantage etc.

Key words: geometric measurement, scrambling degree, image scrambling

摘要: 分析研究了现有的几种图像置乱度衡量算法,从图像置乱前后相邻像素之间的距离偏移和方向偏移两个方面考虑,提出了基于几何测度的图像置乱度算法;最后通过对比分析,证明该算法具有更好的实用性、有效性与优越性。

关键词: 几何测度, 置乱度, 图像置乱