Computer Engineering and Applications ›› 2007, Vol. 43 ›› Issue (21): 84-86.

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Evolutionary algorithm based on evaluating quantum chromosomes

CHEN Ming1,OUYANG Zhi-min1,2,QUAN Hui-yun1   

  1. 1.College of Mathematics and Computer,Hunan Normal University,Changsha 410081,China
    2.Dept. of Mathematics,Faulty of Science,Yichun University,Yichun,Jiangxi 336000,China
  • Received:1900-01-01 Revised:1900-01-01 Online:2007-07-21 Published:2007-07-21
  • Contact: CHEN Ming


陈 明1,欧阳智敏1,2,全惠云1   

  1. 1.湖南师范大学 数学与计算机科学学院 长沙 410081
    2.宜春学院 理学院,江西 宜春 336000
  • 通讯作者: 陈 明

Abstract: A novel quantum-inspired evolutionary algorithm is proposed in this paper.The rotation angle is calculated through current best solution of its group and the binary individual by evaluating a quantum chromosome,and adjusts with evolution.Compared with some other quantum inspired genetic algorithms the novel algorithm shows the outstanding performance on function optimization and Knapsack problems even if the population size is 1.

Key words: evaluating quantum chromosomes, adjusting rotation angle adaptively, evolution in the group

摘要: 提出一种基于量子染色体评估的演化算法(Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Evaluating Quantum Chromosomes,简称EQEA)。提出了染色体评估、自适应调整旋转角度和分组调整策略。旋转角度的方向和大小由评估量子染色体得到的二进制个体和组内当前最优个体确定,且随着演化的过程自适应调整。实例验证,EQEA在函数优化和背包问题上都有优异性能。该算法在单染色体下也能取得很好的效果。

关键词: 量子染色体评估, 旋转角度自适应调整, 分组演化