Computer Engineering and Applications ›› 2007, Vol. 43 ›› Issue (11): 185-187.

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Design and implementation of personalized query tool based on metadata

Baoxiang Guo   

  • Received:2006-05-09 Revised:1900-01-01 Online:2007-04-11 Published:2007-04-11
  • Contact: Baoxiang Guo


袁满 郭宝祥 孙永东   

  1. 计算机科学与工程系601教研室 大庆石油学院计算机信息与技术学院
  • 通讯作者: 郭宝祥

Abstract: The traditional query customization tools only pay attention to dynamic compose SQL statements, but not to business entities such as users、specialties and so on. Users can’t customize personalized query and the enterprises can’t compose multi-angle and multi-specialized data query according to specialties、users and so on. In order to solve this problem, a metadata-driven and personalized architecture of customizing query is mentioned, using metadata to describe user requirements and enterprise environment. Users use the personalized customization query tool to make their requirement to be metadata, and query engine achieves user requirements from metadata, and then queries the specialized database and fashions user’s personalized interface. This tool has the versatile data interface of universal dynamic query, and also friendly and personalized interface. So it is used in information integration of oil field, and achieves an approving impression.

摘要: 传统查询定制工具只关注动态组合SQL语句,并没有关注与业务相关的实体,如用户、专业等。用户无法定制个性化的查询,企业不能对数据按专业、查询对象和用户等组织多维度、多专业的数据查询。为解决上述问题,提出一个元数据驱动的个性化查询定制框架,用元数据描述用户需求和企业环境。用户通过个性定制工具,形成用户需求的元数据描述,查询引擎通过元数据读取用户需求,然后查询专业数据库并形成个性化界面。既有通用查询的通用数据接口,又有友好、个性化的用户接口,在油田企业信息集成中得到应用,并取得良好应用效果。